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Are you a housewife, a traveler, a student or someone who wants to talk about their life? Writing does not require an education or a test to pass! It is a reciprocation of feelings from words that travel into the hearts of people. The best writers that the world ever has witnessed were people for whom writing was merely a hobby that turned into a passion and then a source of their livelihood.

Playing with words, spicing it up with fiction, adding the gist of imagination or something that is a reality of your life is that start, a kick that will help you connect with the audience. Write not to impress, but write because you like it! Share your childhood story, an experience you had with a stranger, a friend you made when you were waiting at the airport, a blessing in disguise, when you met your perfect someone and much more. It all starts with you!

There are not enough resources to impart education as opening schools in the remote areas of our Nation is still a challenge. If you are an educationalist, a Freelancer or a travel blogger, we provide a platform where you can share and educate people around. There is no better way to contribute to the betterment of society other than imparting education. Internet is a boon and is available to places where opening a school is yet a dream.

Words have a way of making a place in our hearts. Your article may help someone fight for their lives. It can help someone overcome depression or survive in the toughest of times. How words can channelize a fresh flow of energy, we can never know but, it psychologists say that pictures, writings, positive quotes help to cope up with life problems and bring massive changes for the betterment in lifestyle. The concept is known as Priming and, it has helped many people to fight and rise back again in life.

So are you ready to contribute to the world with the magic of your words?

There are few guidelines that you need to take care while becoming a write at Scoop. We encourage writers who have a positive mindset and believe in representing factual information. Do know that your article is going to be read by thousands of people and it has to be something out of the ordinary or else if there is ambiguous information then we are afraid that the article may not surpass the initial stage.

Help for the Writers!

If you are new, do not worry! We have prepared a set of guidelines for you to follow:

  • The writers have to make sure about the quality of the posts and the reputation of the blog.
  • The written article should be unique and must not be published or copied anywhere over the internet.
  • The authors are not permitted to republish their posts/articles on any other site.
  • Ensure the originality and uniqueness of the content before going to submit.
  • Strictly avoid poor quality articles/posts.
  • The quality of the posts should remain high for reaching a huge number of audiences all over the globe.
  • Don’t write the article/blog for improving the search engine rankings or else to get a brand reputation and we are not interested to post such kinds of posts.
  • The author’s bio included in the content should not be exceeded above 2-3 sentences.
  • It is strictly avoided to add broken links or spam in the content.
  • Mandatory to write the article in trending topics as per our requirements.
  • Prepare plagiarism-free, well-structured, and error-free content.
  • Make use of spellings, spell checked, and unique.

Technicalities to take care while writing!

For your article to reach the vast audience around the world, there are some technical aspects that one has to take care of while writing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a prerequisite. For the article to rank better on the Search Engines, one has to take into account the SEO rules. Before writing, make a keyword search that suits the topic of your article. For help read: https://yoast.com/complete-guide-seo-copywriting/

Plagiarism Proof! Articles that are from other sources or copied are unacceptable. We do not want our readers to get spam. You can run through plagiarism software that is available online before submitting us your article. You can check on https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/

Word Requirements! The minimum word limit for an article is 700 words and, there should be Meta Title and Description separately for the article you write. For your help, check out: https://yoast.com/meta-descriptions/

No Sensitive or Offensive Language! An article that is an attack on a person, a nation or is appropriate to the best of our knowledge will be rejected. Do not go overboard with your article in writing user sensitive or offensive language.

Topics that we are hunting currently!

To get your article approved quickly, we are looking for writers to submit informative articles that talk about the below three categories:

Health & gym

Quotes Blog Post


This section is regularly updated! Keep coming back to get the latest information.

We are always available for your help! So hit us up anytime by contacting us on our page. We look forward to answering all your queries. Let’s start the happy acquaintance and turn it into an endearing bond between Fun 360 Studio and You for years and years to come!